What Is Home Care?

We understand that it is difficult to allow someone to come into your home or the home of a family member. And we understand that you may have a plethora of questions concerning our quality standards and the types of services we offer. We want the best for your loved one.

Our staff at Hope and Freedom Home Care have mastered the procedures necessary to deal with any type of situation while maintaining our signature hopeful personality that has made our company such a success. We will answer all of your questions and ensure that all of your concerns are addressed.

Hope and Freedom Home Care provides non-medical, home care to clients, who may require assistance in their own homes and communities to assist in the maintenance and retention of their independence and well-being. These services are responsive to the distinct need of the client and community. All services are delivered by our qualified home care workers.

We hope to ease your burdens and help you by:

  • Scheduling a home visit.
  • Consulting with you regarding scheduling, costs, and care.
  • Creating a customized and personal care plan.
  • Modifying your care plan as needed.
  • Scheduling caregiver meetings.